“Leigh has been saving my body from the rigors of  hairdressing for 4 years now. I’ve experienced chronic pain in my neck, shoulders and back, and she has seen me through it all. Back injuries, muscle spasms and just plain muscle exhaustion have put me out of commission in years past. With Leigh, well, I can honestly say that I owe entire weeks of  functional, painless movement to her practice. (She has even converted my husband, who was a confirmed “I don’t need massages” kind of guy.) I can’t imagine my life, body or physical well being without Leigh as an integrated part of my self-care plan. She is pure magic paired with exceptional skill, and her spirit radiates in such a way that an hour with her (even with eyes closed and blissed out) leaves you feeling renewed, peaceful and healed. I would carry her around in my pocket if only she’d let me!”

-Kim Myles


“Leigh’s awesome hands are matched only by her awesome heart.  Leigh is not only an amazing massage therapist, but she is also an amazing person. What’s so great about working with Leigh is that she truly understands what’s going on with my body and she knows exactly what to do to help me.  Each session with her is totally tailored to how I’m feeling at that moment.  I always leave her office feeling like I’ve done something great for myself.

When I was going through treatment for breast cancer, my sessions were about comfort, healing and relaxation.  Leigh helped me to feel calm and to adjust to all the changes going on in my body.  Now that I’m training to walk 39 miles in the Avon Walk, Leigh’s been easing my aching my muscles as I push myself further than I have in a long time.  Knowing that I have her expertise on my side, I know that I’ll be able to do it. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t give praise lightly, so when I say that there is no better massage therapist then Leigh Hansen, I mean it!”

-Jenna Glazer


“I feel so fortunate that my OB suggested massage early in my pregnancy and I feel particularly lucky that I found Leigh!  I have a history of upper back pain and was worried that it would make my pregnancy unbearable. Leigh was phenomenal. She really listened to my concerns and helped to both alleviate and prevent my discomfort. She has magical healing hands and a warm and caring soul. I feel that my body, my pregnancy and my baby were in good hands with Leigh. I have referred all of my pregnant friends to Leigh (and many non-pregnant friends!) and will continue to.”

-Marina Catallozzi


“I see Leigh every weekend, partly just because it’s fun and partly to help me get rid of stress and thus to complement traditional medical treatment I’m getting for a long-term health problem. I used to get occasional massages at my gym, but massages with Leigh are totally different. Leigh pays attention to whatever is going on with me that particular day, focusing on whatever part of my body is the most tense; I never feel that she is just going through a routine. By the second half of the massage, I am invariably so deeply relaxed–half asleep, half awake–that I’m oblivious to the outside world.



“Leigh’s skill and sensitivity make her work a uniquely satisfying and worthwhile experience. I always look forward with great anticipation to our next meeting.”

-Joe Wetherell


“I was suffering from a sciatic nerve problem recently that flares up unpredictably.  Leigh was able to squeeze a massage session in for me with little notice in this emergency situation.  After 1 hour of deep massage, the pain was gone!  I’ve utilized Leigh’s services for many ailments including lower back pain, headache pain from grinding my teeth and massages for relaxation before and after surgery.  In all cases my expectations were fulfilled and then some.  Leigh is a great person in addition to being an excellent masseuse.  I highly recommend her services.”

A happy client,

-Laura Solomon


“I feel dramatically different post Leigh’s massage. My right hip has more range
of motion and I’m walking with less stress. My posture has dramatically changed
too. I feel the lower back supporting my upper back,thus my shoulders don’t feel
stresed and rounded and my breathing is much fuller.”

-John Riddle

“When I turned 49, my otherwise balanced life started to exhibit the symptoms of my age. Besides the expected changes in my body, I started to notice that hormonal shifts were causing some very unpleasant symptoms. Thankfully, I decided to discuss all of this with Leigh at Remedy Massage and she recommended  that I start Maya Massage with Natalia. Wow. What a difference it has made in my life. It is more than just a massage with Natalia. She takes the time to talk about the changes that are inevitable at my age and work on ways to maintain balance including Maya self-care, which I do at home. I recommend Remedy Massage to everyone!”

Linda Hahn

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