barry g.


Remedy is really just amazing, and for a massage on the Upper West Side—perhaps even in the city—this is truly an oasis . . . I have been working with Leigh, the owner, and she is beyond fantastic. She is both kind and welcoming, but more importantly, thorough and an incredible masseuse!

Her ability to relieve tension in my tightest spots has been phenomenal . . . I can't thank her enough. I've heard all of the therapists are fantastic, and the place is truly such a gem—it's cozy, everyone is friendly, and I could not recommend this place more highly.

Pain Survivor

Kelly H.

Therapist: Doreen | RESERVE now

[The] atmosphere is calm and serene, and the staff are excellently trained. I had Doreen and she could tell instantly by looking at me what some of my pain spots were. The deep tissue massage was perfect . . . I left feeling relaxed and loose. I will definitely be back!


nadia s.


The treatments I've received [at Remedy] honestly have changed my life! I've struggled with a "bad" shoulder for years, but after I started to lift weights, I needed to do something as the pain and problem started to migrate down my shoulder blade and upper back . . . I found Remedy Massage and booked an appointment with Ajah. His hands are magical!!

The first 2 months I had weekly treatments and after that, I was there every 2 or 3 weeks. The difference was clear already after 2 treatments, and now it seems that the extra muscles I've built by lifting plus the treatments have straightened my back. I haven't had any problems for months, [so] now I only go every 4-5 weeks to keep it up.

Busy UWS Local

Hannah P.

Therapist: Steph Ann | RESERVE now

I usually go to Exhale or Bliss . . . [but] wanted to find a place closer to where I live and decided to try Remedy for the first time today.  

I've been having chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain for a while and desperately needed some relief. Well, I could not be happier with the results!  I got a deep tissue massage from Steph Ann. She was amazing!!! I found her to be friendly, courteous and professional.

Best of all, she knew exactly where to apply pressure to relieve the tension in my sore spots. She was firm and strong, but also really soothing. I fell asleep towards the end of the massage, which never happens. My body felt like butter when I walked out of there.




I always have a lot of back pain because of dancing and long hours as a financial analyst, but Jason really helps me ease the pain in my back. He is the best. The environment is also very zen and relaxing . . . I enjoy going there very much. 

Newly Relaxed


Therapist: Marta | RESERVE now

I had massage with Marta . . . she was amazing. She has a special touch. I don't think I ever been so relaxed after massage and I [receive] them quite frequently. I had the best sleep for the next two days. Really recommend her.




I have been going to get massaged at Remedy for about 6 months now. All of my therapists have been top notch. Yesterday, I had an especially exceptional massage by Angela. She asked me what I most wanted her to work on. I told her under my shoulder blades and my calves! After a little bit of energy work that centered me, she started right in on my back and she found the tension right away—she slowly worked up to really getting at it.

I have 30 years of experience with getting massages. Many people will do their thing while I await, patiently, for them to get to what I asked for. She didn't do that at all. When she got to my calves, I wanted to sing her praises. She loosened them up for me and I was so grateful. Another thing she did was concentrate a bit on my forearms and hands. We all have tightness there due to keyboard use, right?

Anyway, it was all so good that I have another appointment with her next week! Remedy is such a gem for us on the Upper West Side. The office is convenient and lovely and tranquil. Everything looks pretty and serene and smells so good. It is as clean as you would expect your doctor's office to be. The staff are warm and friendly. LOVE IT!




I finally decided to treat myself to a prenatal massage. After much searching,  and almost going to a place in Brooklyn, I found Remedy Massage; cheaper than any place I found in Manhattan. I arrived a couple of minutes late because the train was stalled. The lady who answered the phone was sweet and understanding . . .

[Marcie] explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. The massage table and cushions were comfortable, the sheets were cool, and the atmosphere in the room was relaxing and soothing with peaceful meditation music . . . Every part of the massage was wonderful, but my favorite was the scalp massage . . . I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will make time for frequent visits in the future.

Serious Weightlifter


Therapist: Serafina | RESERVE now

I'm a serious weightlifter. Have struggled to find good massage therapists in NYC. I saw Serafina yesterday - she is one of the top 5 LMTs in the city, no question. My shoulder was in extremely bad condition. She clearly understands muscle formation. She knew all the right movements and techniques to get in and address the critical problems. Was extremely impressed.




Amazing prenatal massage. I had a massage here every week during my last month of pregnancy and it was truly fantastic each time! They have a nice set up where you can lay on your stomach—no hole in the table—but more of a comfortable pillow set up. Otherwise, they will place you on your sides [or] on an inclined block on your back at the end. Clean, people are super nice, overall highly recommend!